"A good editor doesn't rewrite words; she rewires synapses."

S. Kelley Harrell

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“Stellar communication with an inexplicable ability to edit ferociously without crushing the soul of the author.

10/10 would recommend”

K. Scott, published author

Researching and Writing

HQPE Services & Rates

I offer discounted rates for combined services. I'm happy to discuss your needs and my ability to meet them while remaining within the parameters of your budget.

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Services
(novels, novellas, biographies, short stories, etc.)


Over the years, I have edited scores of books, many of which have gone on to do well in terms of sales. I am intimately aware of the importance of understanding the author’s target readership and goals while preserving their unique storytelling voice. As your editor, I will ensure that your writing is impactful, and I will preemptively ask questions and identify issues that are likely to arise in the minds of readers so that these can be rectified beforehand.

Manuscript critique/evaluation (USD 0.01 per word)

The critique will focus on the big-picture elements of your manuscript. I will deliver an editorial assessment, pointing out issues related to the following areas:

  • Language and expression: Is the language suitable for the target readership?

  • Style: Is the writing style engaging and free flowing?

  • Plot: Is the plot clear, plausible, and convincing? Are there plot holes, discrepancies, or inconsistencies?

  • Pacing: Do parts of the story drag?

  • Dialogue: Does the dialogue sound authentic and convincing? Is there too much? Too little?

  • Characterization: Are the characters multidimensional and intriguing?

  • Mechanics: Are there numerous grammar and spelling errors or odd word choices?


I will also identify what works well, what doesn’t, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why. I will point out the elements that negatively affect quality and publishability, and I will offer advice on how to rectify these issues.

Line and copyediting (USD 0.03 per word)

A line and copyedit will focus on areas such as grammar, sentence structure, readability, and flow while rectifying repetition and redundancy, ambiguity, unnatural or awkward phrasing, and bland descriptions. If anything in the manuscript is unclear, I will leave a query. My editing style incorporates elements of developmental editing, I comment heavily, and I share my thoughts not only as an editor but also as a first-time reader.

Proofreading (USD 0.02 per word)

A proofread, which should be done once all the stages of editing have been completed, will catch errors that have slipped through the cracks along the way. I will focus on correcting basic errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You should choose this service only if you are confident that your manuscript does not need any stylistic or sentence-level changes.
Academic Services
(undergraduate term papers, master's dissertations, PhD theses, journal articles, conference presentations, etc.)

Although I work in a wide range of academic fields, I am most comfortable working with the humanities and social sciences. My doctoral studies were undertaken in the social sciences and specifically examined the impact of multinational corporations on the developing world. However, my undergraduate studies and one of my master’s degrees focused on language and translation.


I am familiar with the rigors and requirements of academic studies, and I am conversant with a variety of style guides, including APA 6 and 7.

Editing (USD 0.04 cents per word)
My academic editing service incorporates critiquing. I will point out arguments that require more support, query any that are not crystal clear, make numerous suggestions, and restructure sentences and paragraphs when necessary. If required, I will check your references and citations against your style guide of choice.

Proofreading (USD 0.02 cents per word)
My academic proofreading service is for final drafts. I will review your academic manuscripts for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors. 


Other Services
Whether you’ve written a blog post, business proposal, university/college admissions essay, or a letter to a long-lost love, I will help polish and refine it, thus making it more impactful. Feel free to drop me a line so we can discuss your needs and my ability to meet them. 

Editing (USD 0.03 cents per word)

Proofreading (USD 0.02 cents per word)

Note: If I believe that your document falls outside the realm of my expertise, I will point you in the direction of a suitable editing/proofreading service.


Free Sample
I offer a free sample edit of between 500 and 1,000 words to help you decide whether we’ll be a good fit. However, this is offered on a discretionary basis and depends on my schedule and workload.


A Note About Rates
All rates listed are approximate and are loosely based on those provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Once I have seen a sample of your work, I will give you an exact quote, as well as an estimate of how long the process will take. Once you agree to the terms and conditions and make a down payment of 50%, I will begin working. I will return the revised files upon receipt of the balance owing. 

I charge an additional fee for short-turnaround/rush jobs. Provided that my schedule allows, and depending on the length of the document, I can return edited files within as little as four hours.

I accept payment via PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer.


25 million words   20+ years of experience

PhD, diploma in language education, certificate in proofreading & editing

Confidentiality guaranteed!

About HQPE


I am Kerri, and I have been an editor, proofreader, and writing consultant for more than two decades. In addition to my editing and proofreading qualifications, I am the holder of a PhD from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Prior to undertaking doctoral studies, I completed two master’s degrees, an undergraduate degree, and a diploma in language education. I am also a trained language teacher, and I freelanced as a translator for a brief period, so I have been studying and working with words for decades.

I work with academics, as well as writers of fiction and nonfiction, and I am exceedingly passionate about what I do—making written content look good! I will ensure that your writing is crystal clear, convincing, and impactful through revisions to grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and tone while improving readability. The result? Your readers will focus on the content without being distracted by language-related issues.

For well over a decade, I have been a contract editor and proofreader for the world’s premier online editing and proofreading company. Since becoming a writing consultant, I have edited, proofread, and critiqued more than 25 million words (novels, short stories, PhD theses, business correspondence, blog posts, application letters, admissions essays, CVs, academic manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals, etc.). I am comfortable editing US, British, and Canadian English. 

On a more personal note, I collect memes, love to laugh, and enjoy reading (although I can hardly find the time to read material that I’m not editing).

Thanks for visiting my page. I hope we will be able to work together, but in any event, I wish you all the very best with your writing project!

Warm regards,


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