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“Kerri did a wonderful job on the developmental edit for my novel, The Map Colorist, which will come out in the fall of 2023. She pointed out some overall issues, as well as more specific things. I know that my book will be better because of her. She is very professional and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her services!”

Rebecca D'Harlingue

“Should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for 'best editor'!! Love her so much, and I can’t wait to work on future projects with her.”

Caroline Scott

“Kerri is a master at what she does. She critiqued and edited my book with such intense thoroughness that I felt as if I took a class in editing. To say I have learned from her would most definitely be an understatement. Her work ethic, professionalism, candor, and passion are prominent and purposeful. She wants your creative journey to be one of positive manifestation, so everyone wins: author, editor, and reader. It is rare to find someone in any industry, especially in the creative sector, who uses their head and their heart to produce mutually beneficial outcomes. I would without question utilize her services, and recommend her to anyone thinking about doing anything in languages. Retaining her services would be the best decision you ever made, aside from actually starting your writing journey.”

Lee Saint James

“I am a children's book author, and I've had several books edited by Kerri. I received thoroughly professional and consistently high-quality service at all times. 

Best of all, I've learnt so much. I definitely recommend Kerri to everyone.”

T. G. Maye

“When I first received the manuscript, I was amazed at Kerri’s attention to detail! She really took time to understand the story, and she could pick out the tiniest problems in the plot, pacing, and prose. She provided clear and insightful feedback, and her suggestions offered me a whole new perspective! She was also kind and professional in her replies. I would definitely recommend Kerri’s services to everyone!”

Michael Feng

“Kerri has been a Godsend, and I mean that literally. I was desperately searching for quality editing work for my non-fiction book after being dissatisfied with the work I received from another editor. I am extremely happy with the excellence and professionalism of the work I received from Kerri. She was very thorough and insightful and breathed new life into my manuscript. She had great communication and was prompt in delivering the edited work. She not only corrected grammar issues but provided me with detailed feedback and suggestions to make my ideas clearer, thus improving the quality of my writing overall.  Kerri’s input was invaluable, I will be using her services again, and I highly recommend her!!”

Ayda Abebe

“Stellar communication with an inexplicable ability to edit ferociously without crushing the soul of the author.

10/10 would recommend.”

K. Scott

“I hired K to do the developmental edit and line and copy edit on my 96,000 word manuscript, and let me just say, not only is she thorough, she’s enlightening. Her responses were timely, and she was extremely professional! When she gives feedback, she actually goes into detail about the changes she makes while also giving the author options on how to remedy as they see fit. She is the one person I felt who cared about my book just as much as I did. She returned my project to me in a timely manner, and even after editing my novel twice, she took the time out of her busy schedule to assist me with the querying process. This woman is WONDER WOMAN. With her care and meticulous efforts, she’s educated me on diction, punctuation, and heightened my confidence. I love working with her, and I will work with her on ALL future projects. Thank you K!”

Deja Malloy

“I have used Kerri’s services for the editing of my monthly blog posts/newsletters. This has definitely helped me achieve my goals. I have become a better writer and have also been able to establish an external reputation as a good writer as well through her help. I would 100% recommend Kerri’s services to others and will continue to work with her myself!”



“Fast turnaround time, professionalism, detailed feedback with justifications which really help to develop writing ability. It’s very personalized and affordable. This service is underrated. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Will definitely be returning soon!”

Robbie Singh


“Working with you for my thesis editing was such a great collaboration. Indeed, your due diligence, your patience, and the overall pristine output are really appreciated.”


master's student

“I am a passionate writer and usually write from my heart. Most often times I get overwhelmed and just make silly mistakes that I don't get to see before it's too late. I have learned that a fresh set of eyes especially someone who is a trained editor can combat these little errors. I got a recommendation to look into editors and found High-Quality Proofreading & Editing. The best decision I have made to date for my writing especially my school papers. I plan to use her for my daughter's college applications as well as she is the absolute best. No more errors for me and my Business and Communication grades keep getting better.”


student and writer

“Kerri is an outstanding copy editor across different genres, but especially fiction editing (having said that, she did a great job on my website!). She is very honest in her feedback but kind and supportive at the same time. A good editor is all that. A great editor not only makes constructively critical points but also suggests other (better) ways of expressing and achieving the desired goal(s). I've never heard less than praiseworthy comments about Kerri; even if you don't end up working with her, she's great to know.”



“Recently, I applied to some extremely competitive graduate programs in the United States and Canada. The admissions committees of these programs are very demanding, and they only accept 5% to 10% of students who apply. There is a very high rejection rate, and I needed to ensure that my application materials were outstanding. Kerri helped me produce applications that were very clear, concise, and well-written. I appreciated Kerri's attention to detail. In the end, I ended up with an offer from a highly ranked institution! Honestly, I cannot thank Kerri enough for her help.”

Tal L.

university student

“Kerri is a great editor. She delivered ahead of time, she gave me great recommendations on how to phrase better and my short story became free from grammar errors. I received wonderful advice for areas that could be improved or expanded upon and some inconsistencies I overlooked. She also gives honest feedback on how the story is perceived as the reader and made me aware of my strengths. In addition, she is kind, respectful, and professional. It has been a pleasure working with her. Highly recommend!"



“I have worked with Kerri for many years and know she is a highly professional, meticulous, and knowledgeable editor and proofreader.”

Christine R.

professional editor

“I enjoy her editing service since day one. I received a lot of feedback and she responded [to] me super fast.”


university student

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