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Academic Services

Undergraduate term papers, master's dissertations, PhD theses, journal articles, conference presentations, etc.

Although I work in a wide range of academic fields, I am most comfortable with the humanities and social sciences. My doctoral studies were undertaken in the social sciences and specifically examined the impact of multinational corporations on the developing world. However, my undergraduate studies and one of my master’s degrees focused on language and translation.


I am familiar with the rigors and requirements of academic studies, and I am conversant with various style guides.



(USD 0.05 per word)

My academic editing service incorporates critiquing. In addition to correcting language errors, I will point out arguments that require more support, query any that are not crystal clear, make numerous suggestions, and restructure sentences and paragraphs when necessary. If required, I will check your references and citations against your style guide of choice.



(USD 0.025 per word)

My academic proofreading service is for final drafts. I will review your academic manuscripts for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors. 

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