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Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Services

Novels, novellas, biographies, short stories, etc.

Over the years, I've edited scores of books, many of which have gone on to do well in terms of sales. I'm aware of the importance of understanding the author’s target readership and goals while preserving their unique storytelling voice. As your editor, I will ensure that your writing is impactful, and I will preemptively ask questions and identify issues that are likely to arise in the minds of readers so that these can be rectified beforehand.



Manuscript critique/evaluation
(USD 0.02 per word)

The critique will focus on the big-picture elements of your manuscript. I will deliver an editorial assessment, pointing out issues related to the following areas:

  • Language and expression: Is the language suitable for the target readership?

  • Style: Is the writing style engaging and free-flowing?

  • Plot: Is the plot clear, plausible, and convincing? Are there plot holes, discrepancies, or inconsistencies?

  • Pacing: Do parts of the story drag?

  • Dialogue: Does the dialogue sound authentic and convincing? Is there too much? Too little?

  • Characterization: Are the characters multidimensional and intriguing?

  • Mechanics: Are there numerous grammar and spelling errors or odd word choices?


I will also identify what works well, what doesn’t, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why. I will point out the elements that negatively affect quality and publishability, and I will offer advice on how to rectify these issues.



Developmental editing 
(USD 0.035 per word)

Like the manuscript critique/evaluation service, developmental editing focuses on the big-picture elements of your story: language and expression, style, plot holes, pacing, dialogue, characterization, mechanics, etc. However, developmental editing is far more comprehensive. I will insert detailed comments within the margins of the manuscript. I will not only link my comments directly to the specific areas that require attention but will also indicate how best to rectify the issues I identify. As with the manuscript critique/evaluation service, I will provide my professional opinion on the aspects of the story that work well and those that don’t. 


Developmental editing critique can be difficult for writers to accept, as they have spent several months (if not years!) writing and rewriting their stories. No writer wants to hear that an entire chapter should be omitted, that substantial portions of the manuscript need to be rewritten or restructured, or that a certain character does nothing to advance the plot and should probably be removed from the story. However, my professional opinion is that developmental critique should be the first step in the editing process; it is foundational to storytelling. After all, there’s no point fixing the mechanical issues (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) in sections of a story if they will ultimately be omitted.

Line Copy


Line and copy editing
(USD 0.04 per word)

A line and copy edit will focus on areas such as grammar, sentence structure, readability, and flow while rectifying repetition and redundancy, ambiguity, unnatural or awkward phrasing, and bland descriptions. If any wording in the manuscript remains unclear despite my attempts to untangle it, I will leave a query and provide alternatives. My editing style incorporates elements of developmental editing, I comment heavily, and I share my thoughts not only as an editor but also as a first-time reader.



(USD 0.02 per word)

A proofread, which should be done once all the stages of editing have been completed, will catch errors that have slipped through the cracks along the way. I will focus on correcting basic errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You should choose this service only if you are confident that your manuscript does not need any stylistic or sentence-level changes.

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